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2 years ago
Brand: Nintendo
Product: Flashback 25th Anniversary Collector's Edition Nintendo Switch Game
Store: 365games.co.uk

Flashback 25th Anniversary Collector’s Edition Nintendo Switch Game
Flashback 25th Anniversary Collector’s Edition Includes:
Collector’s Box
Flashback for Nintendo Switch Game
Digital Remastered Soundtrack
Exclusive Numbered Metal Card
Retro Cartridge Style Metal Case
Retro Style Instruction Booklet (24 Pages)
2142. After escaping from a spaceship, the respected scientist Conrad B. Hart wakes up without any memory on the Titan, a colonized moon of the planet Saturn. His enemies and kidnappers are hard on his heels; He must find a way back to Earth as he defends himself against the dangers he encounters and uncover a treacherous alien plot that threatens the planet …
Discover this classic that has been consistently listed among the top 100 games since its release 25 years ago. It was one of the first games to use motion-capture technology for more realistic animations, and has completely hand-drawn backgrounds and a truly engaging storyline.
The revised by Paul Cuisset himself FLASHBACK 25TH ANNIVERSARY remains absolutely true to the original of 1992. Are you up to the sophisticated gameplay of the time? Give it a try.
Remodeled graphics
Completely revised soundtrack
A “Rewind” function with limits according to the level of difficulty
A new game storage system
The original version of the game from 1992

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