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Barker Grant Calf Leather Brogue Shoes, Cedar – £117 @ John Lewis

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Brand: John Lewis
Product: Barker Grant Calf Leather Brogue Shoes, Cedar
Store: John Lewis

Product code: 43710301
These Goodyear Welted shoes from Barker are constructed using a traditional method that involves stitching an extra layer of material between the uppers and the soles, making them highly comfortable and exceptionally durable. This also means that they can easily be resoled, so you can keep them looking good for years to come.
Fitted with leather uppers and leather soles, these brogues will make you feel like you’re walking on air. Their innovative design allows them to mould to the shape of your feet, giving you the best possible fit. They’re also well insulated to protect you from the cold and the heat.
As with all leather soled shoes we recommend for the first couple of times to walk them in on a dry, gritty surface. Care should be taken when worn in wet conditions as they can become slippery. Continual use in damp or wet conditions will weaken sole material, if they become wet allow to dry naturally. It is good practise that shoes are rotated on a day to day basis to prevent premature wear.
Men’s Shoes Buying Guide
Men’s Shoes Buying Guide

John Lewis
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